EuroEnviro 2017: Updates!

Do you remember our first post this year? You can read it here. It was about the coolest sustainability-and-environment related  students’ symposium happening around Europe for the last 22 years. And the news was: Rimini Campus, the campus hosting RESD, has the opportunity to host the upcoming edition! What’s new? The organising team is working […]

Soil storage and capture: we must deal with new numbers!

Carbon capture and storage into soils has always been thought to be one of the best way to reduce the quantity of Co2 in the atmosphere. The Earth’s soil works as a carbon sink and is a good reservoir in the medium -long term and contains the biggest amount of Co2. However, we have been […]

The Colour of Bitcoin? Certainly not green.

Could a thought be polluting? The answer, my dears, is unluckily yes: it could. An Example In 2008 a mysterious man signing with  the fictitious name Satoshi Nakamoto, spread a paper illustrating his idea for a new digital currency.  Take a step back in 2008: the economic stability sounded like a sweet and far memory […]

European Mobility Week

On the 16th of September was lunched the European Mobility Week! This year EU will focus on ‘Smart and sustainable mobility’, focusing on the link between transport and economics. The main idea is that having a smarter mobility across our society,  from the public to the private sector, benefits the entire economy. In 2016 there are […]

Parks and Sparks

Yesterday ANSA, the Italian National Press Association Agency, reported that in the Vesuvio Natural Park special and dangerous types of waste were found by the Police. Those were allegedly parked there in order to be  delivered later on to a site of illegal disposal. Such a shame for the Neapolitan Park , which is of […]

We all are in ecological debt!

One month ago we already reached the amount of natural resources that the Earth can replenish annually. Basically, we are demanding more resources as the Earth can give. We are creating ourselves an ecological debt. Additionally, the alarm sounds stronger than in the past as earlier and earlier we are reaching the point of no […]

Why is this G20 important?

On Saturday September 3rd   China and US announced their ratification of Paris Agreement, the result of last year’s COP 21. It has been big news! But not just for the reasons you might address in your mind. An historical happening First of all, but not for importance, the announcements  have occurred under the framework of […]

How far EnergieWende has come?

Since 2010 Germany has paved its road to be a clean and sustainable country. The transition is supported by the Energiewede project, German for Energy transition, an ambitious plan to switch to a low carbon and environmentally sustainable economy. The main goals are the reductions of GHG of 80% by 2050; increase the energy supply […]