Recycling: A lesson from Taiwan

Back in the days Taiwan used to be called the Garbage Island, but today is internationally praised for achieving the highest recycling rate, 55% in 2015. In 2015 the island generated 26.2 millions tons of total waste. Moreover, trash per capita production has fallen from 1.143Kg in 1998 down to 0.387Kg in 2013. The great results are […]

RESD’s students at EcoMondo

On 8th November RESD students participated at ECOMONDO, the annual largest showcase for green and sustainable technology in the Euro-Mediterranean area, taking place in Rimini. The fifth international exhibition focused on the Circular Economy, promoted at European level through the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. (You may remember our post about Circular Economy     […]

Marrakech 2016

  From the 7th till the 18th November in Marrakech (morocco) the COP22 and contemporaneously the CMP12 are being held. In order: the first one is the Conference of the Parties, coming this year at its 22nd edition, after the 21st famously held in Paris last year which have reached the historical Paris Agreement. CMP […]

Water scarcity and property rights

Recently on The Economist has been published an article about water scarcity. In details the author asserts that water is scarce because it is badly managed. China for example uses 10 times more water for its industries than the average developed countries. Moreover, the farming sector, as we well know, uses 70% of the water […]

What now?

President Trump is a reality now. Lets skip all the jokes and ironic gifs about this unpredicted results of the American Presidentials. They are first of all useless and disrespectful (although being funny). What everybody should face now is:  American people has gone through a democratic process and respectfully of that, we should now face […]

Before The Flood

Before the Flood is the docu-movie directed by Fisher Stevens, released on National Geographic channels (or also online)  between the 30th and 31st of October, this year. It portrays Leonardo di Caprio, as UN Messenger of Peace, along his journey for truth about Climate Change. Steamgreen suggests you to see it, for free, here. It […]