RESD Students Study Tour to Sardinia

As you might know this Website is promoted by the two years M. Sc. Resource Economics and Sustainable Development, University of Bologna, and from time to time we report about activities of our course (like Pushkar did with Euroenviro last week). From 17th to 19th of May twenty RESD Students went to an amazing study tour […]

ThoughtBubble: Bottled fresh Air sold in China due to heavy air pollution

Have you heard about the chinese millionaire that sells canned fresh air? Believe it or not but according to more or less reliable sources the guy sold in one week more than 8 million (!) cans of fresh air as pollution levels reached record highs. Chen Guangbia, thats the guys name got rich in the […]

Energy Seeping Ignorance

Few weeks ago my friends and I were talking about electricity saving and I mentioned that my ex-flatmate used to leave this TV light on all the time. I mean he would switch off the TV but not completely off from the plug or his mobile charger was always plugged even though the phone wasn’t […]

Actors of Change – EuroEnviro (Part3)

Day 6th Arenas of Change Here now is the important thing. We were divided in 12 teams in three different Arenas. The Arenas were University, Business and Politics. These three arenas have a great potential to change the world we live in. It was about how University, Business and Politics can do something so that […]

Actors of Change – EuroEnviro2015 (Part2)

Day 4 – Changing the mindsets Day 4 was one of my favourite days of the program. It Included a workshop of Self Leadership, one workshop of ‘How to pitch’ and one documentary called ‘Invisible Revolutions’. Self Leadership workshop meant to create a self motivated leadership. The instructor spoke about reflection and initiative among other […]

Actors of Change – EuroEnviro2015 (Part 1)

Day1 So as promised here goes my day to day article about what happened in EuroEnviro, how it was organised and especially we all got together in this symposium. Let me tell you from the beginning that the event was absolute awesome. It was so awesome that it gave a new meaning to awesomeness. EuroEnviro […]

Klimaenergy Award 2015

The Klimaenergy Award is an award for best practices of italian municipalities in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste reduction in public space. There were three categories that have been decorated: cites with 20.000 inhabitants, centres from 20.000 to 150.000 persons, and larger areas with more than 150.000 inhabitants. A committee of […]

Expo 2015: How sustainable is the universal exposition?

The Expo 2015 in Milan is the most important event in Italy this year, and its slogan is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.  But what about sustainability on the Expo? Here a sum up of the Interview with the sustainability manager of the event, Gloria Zavatta, published on on April 28th 2015. Zavatta […]

ThoughtBubble: How to be more green…only for woman

A new week, a new ThoughtBubble! This time the Author is our colleague Simona! How to be more green…only for woman. When I started to attend this course I start to become more and more aware about some topics and also wondered how I could be more green in practical aspects. I used to be […]

Tesla revealed batteries for your home

For sure you heard about Tesla, the US American producer of the very successfully selling electric car Tesla Model S. And if you find their revolutionary approach in the car sector as interesting as I do, you will definitely appreciate the latest news from Tesla. On April 30, they announced at a press conference in […]

LifeGate, an italian network for environment and sustainability

Today I would like to share with you an italian website that defines itself with the slogan “people planet profit”:! LifeGate is one of the biggest italian networks for environment, energies, and sustainability. On their website you can find a lot of information regarding the topics i mentioned above, it is always up-to-date and […]