Sustainability Tips: how to ace September and a new lifestyle!

September is approaching, and to some of us this beginning is at least as heavy as the 1st of January. After all, a new year, may it be academic or work-related, is about to get started. If not, vacations are over. And if no vacation had been on sight… it could be high time also […]

Earthquakes and Climate Change: could they be connected?

Just few days ago central Italy has been struck by a strong earthquake of 6.4 magnitude causing hundreds causalities and millions of euro of damages, destroying to the ground villages in the affected area. The central part of Italy is a high risk zone for earthquakes, however, earthquakes are more frequent than before. The idea […]

(Northern) European Capitals

A Recent news: Nijmegen was announced to have accomplished the title of European Green Capital of 2018. James I of England used to say “No news is good news”. Actually it is no news that a green, fairplay, lovely Dutch city was named to be sustainable award-winning one. But we wouldn’t say it is good […]

A New, Sad, Icy Frontier

These days, while we are conquering  a new beach, a new lazy day…which are in practice new just to us, a cruise is routing on a brand novel path: the one approached for the first time during ice ages  by our ancestors and then back again by Amundsen. Crystal Serenity is capitalizing climate change. Open […]

Synergic Agriculture : Having more doing less

In 1975 in a small village on the Japanese hills a man started the so-called One-Straw Revolution. Masanobu Fukuoka was a farmer and a philosopher, and understood that nature does not need any human input to provide fruits and vegetables to the mankind. Fukuoka discovered the true natural way of farming, letting to the nature […]

Climate Change vs. Sports

We have been speaking about sustainability in Rio Olympic Games. Sustainability-in-Rio Today we want to open your eyes on another issue, the inside competition atlethes are conducting against climate change. No one else more than olympians and their performances is being affected by climate change. Extreeme temperature is crtical to every sport, mostly outodoor ones. Atlethes are […]

The Green Column: Tomorrow is the Earth Overshoot Day 2016

Tomorrow, the 8th August 2016, is the Earth Overshoot Day. This means that on this day the water you will be using to make your morning coffee, the salmon you will eat in your sandwich, and the fuel you will be pump into your vespa (because Steamgreen is hoping you are on a cool freaking […]

The Happy Planet Index

GDP is a good index when it comes to measure nations’ production but is a not good measure of their wealth. One of the most important thing GDP does not account for is sustainability. Although, including environmental impacts in the measurements still is not enough. Moreover, we can not just rely upon the economic growth […]

Good to know!

It is getting harder and harder these days happening to read and hear good news. This is the reason why SteamGreen decided to tell you a positive and green story. Most of all because, near to most of us, it takes place in the beautiful country called Italy. A Romagna Story On a summer day  […]